Key consultancy engagements
  • Advising Beijing Plutus Investment Development Co. Ltd (Beijing Plutus) on procurement of beef and fish products from Australia to China

  • Advising a publically listed Indonesian company on sourcing of Australian biomass and biogas technology for conversion of waste products into energy source

  • Advising cherry and apple farmers in Tasmania on potential merger to secure investors

  • Advising dairy farm investment groups in Victoria on finding potential investors

  • Advising an Australian coal mine on a suitable business partner in Vietnam

  • Advising Laichau Slate company in Vietnam on attracting suitable overseas investors

  • Advising Sanger Australia and Sino Light China on procurement of beef products

  • Advising Australians suppliers and Vietnamese buyers on securing live cattle and beef export to China and Vietnam

  • Advising a Chinese almond processing business seeking to invest in Australian almond farms

  • Advising a major food distributor in Sydney on exporting Australian fresh fruit to the Asian market

  • Advising a leading Asian manufacturer on exporting cashew nuts, rice and tuna chunks from Vietnam and Indonesia to Australia and the Middle East