Kenny Tran - Managing Director

Kenny has more than 15 years in banking and financial services in Asia and Australia in varied roles as a Private Wealth Manager, and in international trading involving agriculture and resources dealings between Australia and its neighboring Asian countries. Kenny has extensive professional business networks in both Australia and the Asian region. Kenny is a bilingual speaker, fluent in English and Vietnamese.

Michael Gao - Executive Director

Michael is the founder of Plutus Capital Investment, a Beijing based company which has experienced considerable growth and development over the last five years. Prior to 2009, he was involved in a variety of industries, mainly the financial and medical industries. He is currently serving as a director of several companies in the Asia Pacific region. Michael is a multilingual speaker, fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Vincent Cheng - Legal Counselor

Vincent is the Principal Lawyer at MurdockCheng Legal Practice in Sydney and the company’s legal advisor. He obtained his legal and business qualifications in Australia and New Zealand prior to working in Australia advising various financial institutions, individuals and corporate entities in compliance and contractual matters. Vincent is a multilingual speaker, fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Kelley Jebara - Business Development Director Middle East Region

Kelley oversees AACC's rice importing and exporting portfolio to the Middle East. He has long standing experience in grain and rice trading. His international logistic business had major contracts with UAE and Kuwait governments to supply rice. He also owns a chain of convenience and groceries stores in Sydney. Kelley is a blilingual speaker, fluent in English and Arabic.


Syarief Bahanan - Financial Controller & Business Development Director - Indonesia

Syarief oversees the Indonesian portfolio and provides key connection to mining resource clients and agriculture investors in Indonesia. Syarief is the company accountant. He is a qualified CPA with experience working with Australian businesses and has 15 years experience in the export and import business. Syarief is a bilingual speaker, fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia.